Prozac � Alcohol?

Answer I was recently diagnosed with some depression, and my doctor wants to put me on Prozac. I've had a transplant (20 years ago this past June), I'm diabetic Diabetes foot care Diabetic blood circulat... Read More »

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Prozac + Alcohol = what..?

Do you mix Alcohol with your liquid form of Prozac? Because I'm sorry to frighten you but that equals death amongst other things. I also don't think Prozac is right for you, you'd best make an appo... Read More »

Prozac and alcohol?

Not to be rude... The Prozac bottle has a warning on it that says no alcohol. Never mix mental health medication with booze period. Even one small drink can be too much. You are lucky you haven't l... Read More »

Alcohol and prozac..............?

Prozac is an anti-depressant, and alcohol is a depressant. Found this comment on a website: "The problem with mixing alcohol and AD's is the AD's multiply the strength the effect of the alcohol. So... Read More »

Mixing Prozac and Alcohol?

Shouldn't be done. Alcohol, which I'm sure you know, is a depressant. One, you'll be making the fight harder and two, the side affects of mixing the two could cause aggression and visual disturbanc... Read More »