Proxima 6860 Desktop Projector Specifications?

Answer For audio/visual presentations, professionals often need a projector. Typical settings are business seminars or lecture halls at college campuses. A projector screen is mounted in front and a compu... Read More »

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*projector* Proxima ultralight ds1 problems?

Yes, it is most likely the bulb but the projector could have other problems. The problem is that if you buy a new bulb and try it and it still does not work, you probably cannot return the bulb.Th... Read More »

How to Get a Desktop to Work With a Projector?

A video projector allows you to share the information on your desktop computer with a room full of people. That can make everything from training new employees to presenting data on a new product a... Read More »

How to Connect a LCD Projector With a Desktop Computer?

An LCD projector allows you to share the information on your computer screen with everyone in the room, making it easier to conduct training sessions, product demonstrations and other business func... Read More »

Hitachi CP-RS55 Projector Specifications?

The Performa CP-RS55 is a mid-budget multimedia projector made by Hitachi. It features gamma correction and color balance functions, allowing users to make adjustments to the picture quality, and t... Read More »