Protractor Degrees?

Answer Protractors are simple yet useful tools for measuring angles. They were invented to help sailors navigate their ships. Today, protractors come in numerous types, but the most common is a simple pro... Read More »

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How to Use a Protractor?

Learning about protractors and learning how to use a protractor will make you an angle expert in no time. A protractor is a hand tool used to measure or draw angles. If one look at the object has y... Read More »

What is a protractor used for?

A protractor is a mathematical instrument used to draw or measure angles. It is flat, semicircular and usually made of transparent plastic. A protractor has angle marks in one-degree increments fro... Read More »

Activities for a Protractor?

Games and activities that use protractors can help familiarize students with the mathematical device and angle measurements while keeping them entertained. Protractors can be used for in-class acti... Read More »

How to Use the Protractor in SketchUp?

A 45 degree angleThe protractor in SketchUp can help your image be more precise. You can exactly match angles and create construction guides to help improve your work. Read this article to learn a ... Read More »