Protocols for Seamless Roaming?

Answer Seamless roaming is the ability to switch seamlessly between wireless networks while traveling. Seamless roaming has calls transfer without delay or IP address changes. The Institute of Electrical ... Read More »

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Should you enable data roaming while I stay in the same country I am not leaving this country so I won't get any charges so should I enable data roaming on iphone 4 or not?

Yes, when purchusing from Apple show them your student ID. Usually 10% off or a free gift if they are having a promotion.

What Is a Seamless Wireless LAN?

A seamless wireless local area network (LAN) is a technology whereby a user can move from one wireless network into another, without disruption such as having to disconnect from the former network ... Read More »

How much do seamless gutters cost?

Professional contractors charge on average $2.50 to $3.50 per foot to install seamless gutters. Costs may increase for more difficult installations in which larger amounts of ladder and corner work... Read More »

Are Birkenstock socks seamless?

Birkenstock, the German maker of Birkenstock sandals, does not produce any type of socks, seamless or otherwise. Socks with the name "Birkenstock" are not affiliated with the shoe-wear company and ... Read More »