Protists & Fungi Activities?

Answer Protists and fungi belong to separate biological kingdoms. Protists are microscopic organisms that display many different traits and characteristics. There are over 200,000 species of fungi that ha... Read More »

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Three Possible Types of Protists?

The Protista, also referred to as the Protoctista, is an extremely large group of eukaryotic organisms, an organism that contains a membrane-bound nucleus, which are composed of a colony of similar... Read More »

Are there protists in horse manure?

Horse manure can contain protists or microorganisms, including some species of protozoa such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, that can be shed from the intestinal tracts of horses and enter their ma... Read More »

Do all protists have cell walls?

The single-celled protists usually do not have a cell wall, however, some do. A cell wall is characteristic of a plant cell, and the plant-like protists, including the euglena and the oomycetes hav... Read More »

What animal like protists eat food by absorbing it into their cells?

All living things absorb nutrients through cells.If you are talking about consuming well fungi absorb their host. Animals require bigger food than microorganisms so it does not happen exactly like ... Read More »