Protecting one single cell in MS Excel 2003?

Answer The default setting for each cell is for them to start locked. So, you first need to highlight ALL cells in the sheet, right click, choose format, go to the Protection tab and take the tick out of ... Read More »

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How to Compare Data in a Cell With Another Cell in Excel 2003?

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet application that is included with most versions of the Microsoft Office application suite. This program provides users with the ability to create tables to store,... Read More »

Merge Cell Is Grayed Out in Excel 2003?

If the merge cell option is not available to you in Excel 2003, you may be dealing with a locked document. In addition, Excel 2003 does not allow you to merge some types of cells.

Excel 2003 + Automatically Insertar lthe current date or time in a cell?

There are some shortcut key combinations which will make entering a Date/Time value much easier: To insert a static date or time, use any of the following: • Current Date Select a cell and p... Read More »

How many columns are in a single Microsoft Excel single spreadsheet?

Microsoft Office 2003 Excel provides 256 columns for data. Office 2007 version supports 16,384 columns and 1,048,576 rows. The column header label in 2007 ends at the letters XFD instead of IV in... Read More »