Pros of the Transcontinental Railroad?

Answer While many negative events can be associated with the transcontinental railroad, especially with regard to how immigrant labor was treated, the railroad became a strong positive influence. In fact,... Read More »

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The Consequences of the Transcontinental Railroad?

The building of the transcontinental railroad brought huge changes to the United States. With the final spike driven at Promontory, Utah in May, 1869, the frontier west was fully open to settlers. ... Read More »

Transcontinental Railroad Quiz?

See? You're missing the point...Although students learn valuable and vital information along the way, grade school, middle school and high school is where we learn how to study, gather information... Read More »

Who paid for the transcontinental railroad cost?

Good question, no easy or simple answers. There were a lot of major investors of the time that put up large amounts of money.There were several banks and wall street investors and the US government... Read More »

What Were the Causes of the Transcontinental Railroad?

At Promontory Summit, Utah, on May 10, 1869, the Central Pacific Railroad of the West and the Union Pacific Railroad from the East joined their pioneer rails to complete America's first Transcontin... Read More »