Pros of Listening to Music While Working?

Answer The choices for music and how we listen to it has multiplied in recent years. With the invention of iTunes, internet radio and various mobile devices, people can listen to music almost anywhere. Al... Read More »

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How to Look Cool While Listening to Music?

Whether you're listening to your iPod or blasting the radio in your car :)

The Pros of Teens Working While Attending School?

Teens have large appetites for cars, clothes and entertainment, but rarely have the means to afford extravagances without working year round. Teens who work diligently often earn spending money for... Read More »

Are you watching TV or listening to music while on your computer?

Hi "D", no, I'm in my little study, as my computer is a tower, and it's nice and peaceful!Just got back from Sunday lunch, so I'm feeling very mellow! enjoying a glass of wine, before some friends ... Read More »

The Effects on Artists While Listening to Classical Music?

Classical music has been the center of multiple academic studies for decades. Many academics investigate the various incentives for listening to classical music. As the website My Positive Music pu... Read More »