Pros & Cons of Rebuilding an Engine?

Answer The engine is the most complex part of a vehicle. Nearly all of its parts are moving, so a variety of bearings are present. Leak prevention in an engine is handled by numerous seals. Due to cons... Read More »

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Engine Rebuilding for Beginners?

Engine trouble in an automobile can lead to the need for a new replacement motor or the purchase of a new vehicle altogether. Each option can be quite expensive. Rebuilding an engine can be cost-ef... Read More »

Engine Rebuilding Schools?

For some, the intricate details and moving parts of an engine may be intimidating to even look at, let alone take apart and rebuild. But for people with technical interests and a love of working wi... Read More »

Engine Rebuilding Basics?

Strange engine noises, high oil consumption, engine power loss and other problems may signal the time for an engine rebuilding job. This means tearing apart an engine built to spec and restoring it... Read More »

Steps for Rebuilding an Engine?

Rebuilding or "blueprinting" an engine can help you restore factory performance and reliability for far less than a new engine would cost. However, a good rebuild can costs thousands of dollars, ev... Read More »