Pros & Cons of National Health Insurance?

Answer National health insurance is important to protecting the physical and financial health of any community. Insurance may pay for preventive procedures and education while also covering the cost of me... Read More »

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What are the pros or cons of a Health Savings Account?

A health savings account (HSA) is a savings vehicle established to set aside funds tax free to pay for health care expenses. HSAs, created as part of the Medicare Prescription Drug and Modernizatio... Read More »

What are some pros and cons of Ireland's health care?

The major problem is getting access to the health system. Waiting times can be quite long, for regular appointments, non-emergency operations and emergency services. Having private health insurance... Read More »

Health Retirement Accounts: Pros & Cons?

A health retirement account is a type of investment account that allows you to use the money to pay for medical expenses during your retirement years. This is also referred to as a health savings a... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of pet insurance?

AnswerPet insurance is very expensive, and like house insurance you can put hundreds of dollars into it and your dog may not require using the health insurance until they are much older. However, h... Read More »