Pros & Cons of Garbage Disposals?

Answer Garbage disposals are popular in homes because they are convenient; in many cases, plates can be cleaned of directly into the sink instead of the trash can. Many modern homes are built with a garba... Read More »

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Are garbage disposals necessary?

On One Hand: Garbage Disposals Offer ConvenienceGarbage disposals offer a convenient method for disposing of food waste. Disposing of food through a garbage disposal will not cause odors, like food... Read More »

Lemons & Garbage Disposals?

Lemons and garbage disposals get along quite well together. Lemons -- both the rind and the juicy fruit portion -- are good for cleaning disposals. Not only will the citrus in the lemon help remove... Read More »

Garbage disposals and spetic tanks?

You can use it, and if the bacteria is a concern then you can buy some extra bacteria from a walmart or pluming shop and you just flush that down your toilet. But as long as your not grinding up ev... Read More »

Are garbage disposals environmentally friendly?

On One Hand: No, They Harm the EnvironmentGarbage disposals harm the environment in several ways. For one, they waste water. In addition, disposals mix food particles into water, so water processin... Read More »