Pros & Cons of Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid?

Answer Regularly used vehicles should have the transmission fluid changed out every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. In regard to heavy duty use vehicles it is recommended to change the fluid every 15,000 miles. T... Read More »

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Pros & Cons of an Automatic Transmission Flush?

Automatic transmission service entails removing the transmission fluid pan, discarding the old fluid and replacing it with new. An automatic transmission flush, on the other hand, pushes all of the... Read More »

Pros and Cons to Changing Names After Marriages?

One of the first questions a woman is usually asked when people find out she's getting married is "Are you going to change your name?" Most women haven't really considered the question until they a... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of a semi-automatic rifle?

Pro: Accurate, Powerful, Conservative in Ammo Con: Time Consuming, Low Fire rate, Less used

Pros & Cons of Transmission Coolers?

Transmission coolers help maintain safe running heat transmission systems and are often used in tow vehicles to compensate for the heat produced by the higher engine load. Transmission coolers offe... Read More »