Pros & Cons of Allowing Students to Have Soft Drinks in Class?

Answer In an effort to reduce childhood obesity, more and more public schools are doing away with sodas in school vending machines. Still, students are allowed to bring their own soft drinks from home, a... Read More »

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Pros & Cons of Allowing Students to Carry Backpacks in School?

As today's students take on more and more classes and activities than ever before, they often purchase one of the most popular items to help them carry around the materials they need: a backpack. P... Read More »

Pros & Cons of a Class C Motorhome?

The Class C motorhome is larger than some types of recreational vehicles, although it is not the largest type. It does not require a separate vehicle to pull it. The Class C's built-in engine compa... Read More »

Pros & Cons of Teaching a Diverse Class?

Diverse classes often include people from different racial or ethnic groups, religious backgrounds or sexual orientations. They can also feature people who have similar appearances but have differe... Read More »

Pros & Cons of Aptitude & Achievement Tests for Students?

Aptitude and achievement tests help measure scholastic progress and abilities. Results are used for guidance in further learning, or to assist in denoting a person's skills and abilities to aid the... Read More »