Properties of Pressure-Treated Lumber?

Answer Pressure-treated lumber is standard lumber that has been bathed in a chemical, rot-resisting treatment, then subjected to high pressure to inject the treatment deep into the wood's fibers, locking ... Read More »

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How much does pressure-treated lumber weigh?

The weight of pressure treated lumber varies based on the dimensions of the boards. A 2-inch-by-4-inch-by-8-inch piece of pressure-treated lumber weighs 17 lbs., while a 2-inch-by-4-inch-by-20-inch... Read More »

What is weight of pressure treated lumber?

approximately 0.024 lbs per cubic inch example: a 4" x 12" x 10' pressure treated beam (note that 10' = 120 inches) 4 x 12 x 120 = 5760 * 0.024 = approx 138 lbs for the beam [Added 11/9/11] Per... Read More »

How toxic is pressure-treated lumber?

In pressure-treated wood, arsenic is the toxic ingredient of greatest concern, and it can be found in any CCA -- copper, chromate, arsenic -- wood. Burning pressure-treated wood releases dangerous ... Read More »

What is the toxicity of pressure-treated lumber?

On One Hand: Outdated Pressure-Treated Wood Contains ToxinsThe majority of pressure-treated lumber produced before 2004 was made with chromated copper arsenate (CCA), which manufacturers voluntaril... Read More »