Properties of Pressure-Treated Lumber?

Answer Pressure-treated lumber is standard lumber that has been bathed in a chemical, rot-resisting treatment, then subjected to high pressure to inject the treatment deep into the wood's fibers, locking ... Read More »

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Can pressure-treated lumber be painted?

It is possible to paint or stain lumber that has been pressure treated. It is necessary that you wait until at least two months after the initial pressure treatment to ensure the chemicals have pro... Read More »

How toxic is pressure-treated lumber?

In pressure-treated wood, arsenic is the toxic ingredient of greatest concern, and it can be found in any CCA -- copper, chromate, arsenic -- wood. Burning pressure-treated wood releases dangerous ... Read More »

Can you paint or stain pressure-treated lumber?

Pressure-treated wood can be painted and stained. To achieve best results, wait at least six months before painting new pressure-treated wood to give it a chance to dry out. If the wood readily abs... Read More »

How to Apply a Stain to Pressure Treated Lumber?

Pressure treated lumber is soaked in either alkaline copper quat or copper azole, replacing the older, more toxic chromated copper arsenate (CCA.) Although pressure treated lumber is resistant to ... Read More »