Properties of Perfume?

Answer Although people have anointed themselves with pleasant smelling perfumes and oils for centuries, it has only been since the 1900s that perfumes were mass-produced in laboratories. Chanel No. 5 was ... Read More »

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Which waves have some electrical properties and some magneric properties?

What waves have some electrical properties and some magnetc properties?

How to Make Perfume Your Perfume Last?

Everyone has a perfume that they’re particularly fond us, but most of us have had the unfortunate experience of realizing that the great scent has faded throughout the day. You put a few dabs of ... Read More »

What Are the Five Properties of Gas?

Gases were an enigma to early scientists who were baffled by their freedom of movement and seeming weightlessness compared to liquids and solids. In fact, scientists did not determine that gases ac... Read More »