Properties of Liquid Hydrogen Sulfide?

Answer Liquid hydrogen sulfide maintains many of the same properties it demonstrates in gas form. It is kept at extremely low temperatures due to its low boiling point. In industry, liquid hydrogen sulfid... Read More »

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Is hydrogen sulfide a gas?

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, highly flammable and explosive gas that smells like rotten eggs. It is produced as organic matter decays or as a by-product of industrial processes such as road pav... Read More »

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety?

Hydrogen sulfide is a compound with the molecular formula H2S. It's colorless, flammable, toxic and extremely malodorous. Hydrogen sulfide is perhaps best known as the chemical that gives rotten eg... Read More »

Is hydrogen sulfide toxic?

Hydrogen sulfide is toxic. Hydrogen sulfide is also flammable. It is a colorless gas that possesses a characteristic rotten egg odor. As the concentration of hydrogen sulfide increases, the odor be... Read More »

What Products Contain Hydrogen Sulfide?

Hydrogen sulfide is often referred to as "sewer gas" because it is often a product of breaking down waste. When it is at a low level it smells like rotten eggs, but at the low level it is not neces... Read More »