Properties of Hydrogen Fluoride?

Answer When fluorine unites with hydrogen, the result is hydrogen fluoride, consisting of one hydrogen atom united with one fluorine atom, so that its chemical formula is HF. Fluorine belongs to a group o... Read More »

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Common Uses for Hydrogen Fluoride?

Hydrogen fluoride is a chemical compound of hydrogen and fluoride. It serves a number of uses in its liquid form (hydrofluoric acid) and as a fundamental part of numerous pharmaceutical products, r... Read More »

Who discovered hydrogen fluoride?

Edmond Fremy, who lived from 1814 to 1894, discovered hydrogen fluoride. He was a French chemist who investigated the properties of the element fluorine. While trying to isolate this gas, he discov... Read More »

Is ammonium hydrogen fluoride hazardous?

Ammonium hydrogen fluoride, more commonly known as ammonium bifluoride, is hazardous to human health. Depending upon the amount of exposure, it can cause both acute and chronic effects via breathi... Read More »

How many single bonds are in hydrogen fluoride?

Only a single bond unites the hydrogen atom and the fluorine atom in the hydrogen fluoride molecule, according to Michigan State University. This does not include hydrogen bonds, in which the hydro... Read More »