Proper Winching?

Answer Winches are used to pull a vehicle that is stuck. This is also called recovery. In most instances four-wheelers that head off to the woods should have a winch attached to their vehicle. It is best ... Read More »

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What is the Proper Way to Wax a Car?

When you wax a car, you're doing more than having a car vanity project in front of your neighbors. While it might make your car look shiny and new, waxing a car also can help protect against weathe... Read More »

How to Be Proper?

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Proper way to eat Bi Bim Bap?

For the other readers who don't know what bibimbap is, it is rice served in a hot stone bowl, along with various vegetables and a Korean hot bean paste called gochujang. It is supposed to be a roya... Read More »

What is CIA proper?

The CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency.