Proper Way to Use a Bidet?

Answer A bidet is a bathroom fixture located near the toilet or integrated into the toilet design. Not common in the United States, bidets sometimes appear in sophisticated and expensive hotels or bed-and... Read More »

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How to Use Bio Bidet?

Bio Bidet is an electronic bidet toilet seat. Bio Bidet Prestige

How to Use a Bidet?

A bidet looks like a toilet but has warm-water jets for personal hygiene after you use the toilet. You might appreciate a bidet before sex, during menstruation, or if you have hemorrhoids, problems... Read More »

Why use a bidet?

A bidet is either a stand-alone unit or an attachment to any standard toilet that is meant to clean the genital and anal areas after the use of the restroom. Bidets have a wide variety of health an... Read More »

How do I use a nose bidet?

Place 1 tsp. of canning salt into the nose bidet. Fill the rest of the bidet with lukewarm water. For extra cleaning properties, add a small amount of baking soda to the mixture. Place the spout of... Read More »