Proper Way to Tow a Jeep?

Answer You may need to tow your Jeep if making a long-distance move or vacationing with a recreational vehicle. The only proper ways to tow a Jeep are to use a trailer or to use flat or "four wheels down... Read More »

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Proper Jeep Headlight Aiming?

Adjusting the headlights of your Jeep isn't a hard task to complete at home. You can do this in any location where you can get the front of the Jeep close to a wall, fence or large building. It onl... Read More »

How Can I Check a '96 Jeep Fan Clutch for Proper Operations?

Fans on 1996 Jeeps are run by a pulley on the engine. This fan has a thermo-activated clutch, which means the hotter the engine becomes, the faster the clutch allows the fan to turn. When this clut... Read More »

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Vs. Jeep Laredo?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and the Grand Cherokee Limited are two of four trim levels for the sport/utility vehicle from Chrysler LLC. The Laredo is the base model; the Limited is the next step... Read More »

How to Be Proper?

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