Proper Way to Set a Table With Flatware?

Answer Depending on the meal, the food being served, and the occasion, properly placing flatware on a table can be confusing. Some simple rules of where to place flatware can help you set a beautiful tabl... Read More »

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What is the proper placement for flatware for a table setting?

Knowing proper placement for flatware for a table setting will serve even the most reluctant dinner party hostess. Correct flatware placement can also help guests to feel more confident about reach... Read More »

What uses more energy disposable flatware and plates at the office or washing dishes and flatware in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can grow grass on fabric. However, you need optimal conditions to do so. Some commercial growers grow seedlings on several types of textiles including burlap and a specially developed non-... Read More »

How to Know Proper Table Manners?

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How to Create a Proper Table Setting?

This article will show you how to create a proper table setting for any semi-formal or formal event. Balance is key.