Proper Tire Rotation?

Answer The right and wrong way to rotate tires is often disputed between tire technicians, automobile makers, and tire manufacturers. However, rotating the tires in any fashion is more important to preven... Read More »

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Proper Sequence for Car Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation helps your tires wear more evenly and can improve the handling of your vehicle. To get the benefits, you must rotate the tires in the right pattern for your type of vehicle and type o... Read More »

How to Reset Pontiac G6 Tire Pressure Sensors After Tire Rotation?

Tire pressure monitoring systems must be reset or "relearned" after a tire is changed or rotated. In a perfect world, your dealer or service professional will have performed the procedure for you, ... Read More »

What Is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is a common car maintenance procedure where the rear and front tires are swapped.

Reason for Tire Rotation?

Regular tire rotation is a simple but essential part of vehicle maintenance. Properly rotating your car's tires can help them last longer, increase your fuel mileage and maintain your vehicle's per... Read More »