Proper Placement of Rings on a Piston?

Answer Piston rings are open-ended rings that sit at the top of the piston, the mechanism that lifts up and down creating explosions that power the engine and cause the car wheels to turn. The piston rin... Read More »

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How to Gap Piston Rings?

Piston rings seal the gap between pistons and engine-block cylinder walls to regulate combustion gases and the flow of oil. Usually there are three rings per piston, two compresson rings and an oil... Read More »

How to Test Car Piston Rings?

When you want to diagnose what's ailing your car, you should star by testing the parts that are easiest to replace and make your way from there. You can check your piston rings without disassemblin... Read More »

How to Replace Car Piston Rings?

Though they are relatively small, and inexpensive, piston rings play a crucial part in your engine's performance. Rather than relegating the task to an auto repair technician, you can easily replac... Read More »

How to Line Up Piston Rings?

Installing piston rings is an essential and a critical step when putting together a race engine. This step involves lining up each piston ring, applying a combination that will seal its combustion ... Read More »