Proper Placement of Medals on a USMC Dress Blue Uniform?

Answer The United States Marine Corps' dress blue uniform is one of the most distinctive uniforms in the armed forces. As such, its wear is highly regulated and specific. This includes the wear of medals,... Read More »

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Proper placement for blood stripe usmc dress blues?

Over the pocket along the seam, under waistband.

Proper placement for service stripe on the usmc dress blues coat?

Regulations for Weara. Service stripes will be worn on the outer half of each sleeve of dress/service coats; gold on scarlet on the blue dress coat and green on scarlet on the green coat. Service s... Read More »

Where are medals and ribbon placed on the USF dress blue uniform?

What is the correct placement of large medals on Marine Corp dress blues?

Anything is possible. As long as they're not "serious" or have anything to do with domestic violence you could probably get the waivers needed. However, if you're a tool and they don't think you're... Read More »