Proper Hygiene Techniques?

Answer We've been taught since toddlers to brush teeth twice daily and to bathe regularly. Hygiene is so basic to how humans groom that sometimes we forget how important proper hygiene is to our overall ... Read More »

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How to Maintain Proper Hygiene?

Maintaining proper personal hygiene is essential in order to preserve your self-image and ward off the risk of disease and infections, says an Erie County Health Department (ECHD) Web site article.... Read More »

Proper Hygiene Etiquette?

Practicing proper etiquette when it comes to hygiene is essential to maintain your health and the health of others. Your immune system naturally protects you from germs, but when germs invade your ... Read More »

Proper Hygiene & Sanitation?

Infection fears are rising as world populations increase and drug-resistant germs become harder to kill. As a report from the Pasteur Institute points out, there are more people with compromised im... Read More »

How to Teach a Child Proper Hygiene?

Teaching a child proper hygiene early on in their childhood is an ideal way to introduce the concept and importance of staying clean and healthy. To encourage a child to practice proper hygiene con... Read More »