Proper Accounting for Business Owner Depositing Personal Money Into Business Checking Account?

Answer Transactions between a business owner and her company must be accounted for properly for many reasons. To accurately record how much money the company owes the owner or vice versa, every transfer o... Read More »

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Can you open a personal checking account in a business name?

Federal regulations require banks to maintain information on all account holders whether the account holder is an individual, multiple individuals, or a business entity. As such, banks are required... Read More »

Can a condominium association put a lien on the unit owner's business account when the unit is owned by the individual and not the business?

There are several kinds of liens, one of which is generally established automatically in your governing documents, based on your promise to pay your assessments. The association's attorney can form... Read More »

What is a business checking account?

A business checking account is a type of financial deposit account available for companies or organizations rather than individuals. Like all checking accounts, a business checking allows account-h... Read More »

How do I add someone onto a business checking account?

Take the person you want to add to the account to a branch of your bank. Both of you should bring photo identification. Ask to speak with a personal banker. Explain to the personal banker that you ... Read More »