Propagation of the Achillea Yarrow?

Answer Species in the yarrow genus fall under the scientific name Achillea and belong to the plant family Asteraceae. These hardy, fast-growing perennials produce abundant flowers from summer to fall. Pro... Read More »

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Is there confusion between Achillea millefolium and Achillea ptarmica?

When a dishwasher starts it will use a predetermined amount of water to fill, rinse, and cleanse away tough grime buildup on materials such as fabrics. Provided you aren't sensitive to chemicals yo... Read More »

What do YOU do with yarrow?

It makes a great lawn substitute if you mow it before it flowers. It's a good drought tolerant solution.

How to Grow Yarrow?

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a perennial that grows low and has small heads of flowers atop dense, dark green foliage. The leaves appear fern-like. Flower colours can vary from white to pink or... Read More »

How to Distinguish Between Hemlock & Yarrow?

Yarrow, according to American Indian lore and traditional herbal remedies, has long been a natural remedy for head colds, eczema and slowing blood flow. Yarrow's ability to staunch blood flow gives... Read More »