Prong Collar Vs. Positive Training?

Answer When it comes to dog training, there may be different views on the best and most effective training methods. Positive training is a method gaining popularity because it refrains from using coercive... Read More »

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How to Put a Prong Collar on a Dog?

Prong collars look like they would hurt your dog, but in reality they are safer than choke collars. The problem with prong collars is that people often place them on their dog incorrectly. Also, ow... Read More »

How to Use a Prong Collar on Dogs?

All people learn new information differently and the same is true for dogs. A variety of dog training tools exist, such as head halters, slip collars and no-pull harnesses, but there is no single t... Read More »

How effective are prong collars in training?

On One Hand: Difficult dogsSuperDog Inc. says prong collars, when used correctly, can help owners deal with hyper or exceedingly strong-willed dogs. They are most suited to owners who are physicall... Read More »

How to Use an Electronic Dog Training Collar?

An electronic remote training collar is a device that provides dog owners with a safe method to control their dogs. Dogs like to please their owners, but may be distracted by activities such as chi... Read More »