Prompt Ideas for Similes, Analogies & Metaphors?

Answer Similes, analogies and metaphors all improve a student's writing. Analogies explain or illustrate something by using a comparison with something similar. Similes express this comparison by stating ... Read More »

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Activities With Similes & Metaphors?

Encouraging your students to use similes and metaphors will help them improve their writing ability and produce interesting pieces that others will enjoy reading. It can be difficult for students t... Read More »

How to Use Analogies & Metaphors in World History Class?

Metaphors and analogies are perfect for World History class because they can help you better explain historic events by relating them to things students can more easily understand and relate to. Me... Read More »

Similes and metaphors in The pearl by john stienbeck?

There are many metaphors and similes... here are only some of them Simile: 'He hissed at her like a snake' p 83 chapter 5 Metaphor 'He was an animal now, for hiding, for attacking, and he lived onl... Read More »

Ideas For Metaphors?

A veritable inundation of terms denote figurative language out there. Among the most popular linguistic devices, the metaphor -- in which the qualities of one object represent another -- stands out... Read More »