Projects to Measure Angular Velocity?

Answer Angular velocity has essential uses in physics. Physicists define velocity as a measurement of the speed and direction of an object. Angular velocity follows the same idea, except with rotating obj... Read More »

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RPM vs. Angular Velocity?

Revolutions per minute (rpm) and angular velocity, two measures of how fast a point rotates about another point, are used to solve physics, mechanical engineering and computer programming problems.... Read More »

How to Measure Velocity?

Velocity is the rate at which an object changes position, or how quickly something moves. This is a key concept in most physics lectures; it is commonly presented to students in a word problem. Lea... Read More »

How to Measure Gait Velocity?

Gait speed is a key metric when analyzing patients who are either simply elderly or who have suffered from such ailments as stroke or multiple sclerosis. Measuring the velocity of a patient's gait ... Read More »

The Difference Between Velocity & Instantaneous Velocity?

Velocity and instantaneous velocity are terms that are most often used in the physics classroom. Because these two terms don't have the same definition, students who don't know the difference in t... Read More »