Projects Using Magnets?

Answer When you are teaching science to children, it can often be difficult to get them interested. The dry facts offered in books and lectures often fail to impress kids. To really grab their interest yo... Read More »

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Science Projects for Permanent Magnets Vs. Temporary Magnets?

Hands-on learning is an excellent way to teach scientific concepts. Projects that demonstrate the difference between permanent magnets and temporary magnets are easy and inexpensive to create. Temp... Read More »

Science Projects on Magnetism and Not Magnets?

Science fairs are a fun and beneficial way to have students work hands-on with scientific activities. Science fair projects challenge students to think and perform research while working within spe... Read More »

Demonstrative Projects With Magnets?

Magnets produce a magnetic field that is not visible other than how it reacts with other ferromagnetic materials. All magnets have a north and south pole, and this polar nature is what causes some ... Read More »

8th Grade Science Projects on Magnets?

Magnets have amazed and mystified people for centuries. Students can demystify the force of magnetism by employing it in different demonstrations or experiments. Students in any grade level can cre... Read More »