Projects Using Gallon Glass Jugs?

Answer Glass gallon jugs, like the ones that carry inexpensive wine or apple cider, can be used to create unique crafts or holiday projects. If you don't purchase liquids that come in gallons, you can als... Read More »

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What are gallon milk jugs made from?

Gallon milk jugs are made from high-density polyethylene. It is a plastic that is also commonly used in detergent and shampoo bottles. This type of plastic was discovered by Paul Hogan and Robert... Read More »

In what year did plastic gallon milk jugs first appear?

Plastic gallon milk jugs are made of polyethylene, which was invented by two chemists in 1933. According the to the American Chemistry Council, polyethylene was not commonly used for household obje... Read More »

Science Projects Using Recyclables for New Projects?

Recycling uses discarded materials--newspapers, various plastics, aluminum cans and office paper--that are sorted, processed and converted into raw materials. These raw materials are used to produc... Read More »

Science Projects on Fire and Glass?

Science experiments can teach us about the natural world and how it operates. They can help us understand how fire works and how it affects and is affected by the environment around it. Glass is of... Read More »