Projectors Used in Drive-Ins?

Answer Until quite recently the 35mm projector was the standard for both indoor and outdoor theater projection systems, but modern technological improvements have seen a shift towards a new digital projec... Read More »

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How to Aim Projectors?

Projector headlights increase visibility and last longer than standard headlight bulbs. The bright light produced by projector headlights creates a dangerous situation when improperly adjusted. Whe... Read More »

CRT Projectors Vs. LCD Projectors?

Placing a CRT and an LCD projector side by side makes the differences between the two immediately apparent. Apart from the size difference, the two differ in resolution, image quality and service l... Read More »

What are lumens concerning projectors?

ANSI lumens / Projector outputThe light output of projectors (including video projectors) is typically measured in lumens. A standardized procedure for testing projectors has been established by th... Read More »

What are the benefits of lcd projectors?

Liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors offer users the flexibility to excel in both home entertainment and business applications--offering sharp picture quality in handling data applications, as w... Read More »