Projection TV Problems?

Answer Projection televisions offer large screens and high definition video at considerably lower prices than comparable flat screen models. Despite the initial low cost, projection TVs can lead to high-... Read More »

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What is better front projection or rear projection TV?

Projection screen tv?

If it's a rear projection tv color is determined by the color wheel. Maybe it got broken in the move. Do a search on how to check it for your exact model and take a look at it. If it's broken, p... Read More »

Panasonic 42" Projection TV?

If the power is not coming on at all, it is probably a problem in the power supply. There is a start up protection circuit, too, which will not allow full power up if there is a short in the high ... Read More »

What is a dlp projection tv?

DLP uses miniature mirrors to project the image, while LCD uses a mini LCD screen to project the image.At the heart of every DLP® projection system is an optical semiconductor known as the Digital... Read More »