Programs wont launch ( Please help)?

Answer you may have programs running in the background taking up a lot of ram and not allowing your ram intensive programs to START>RUN> type msconfiggo to the start up tab and uncheck anything ... Read More »

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Please help! TV wont work?

This is how they die. In the old days tv's lasted 20 years. Modern ones last 3 years. The repair is $400..

Why Wont My Period Stop Please Help!?

Sometimes your body goes haywire and your periods get messed up or even stop this is normal especially if youve only started your period a year ago. Remember your body is still developing and it's ... Read More »

Amnesia wont work for me please help me to fix it?

Graphics cards are soldered to the motherboard in most laptops. You don't replace the graphics card - you can replace the driver (for free) or replace the whole motherboard (not free and not usual... Read More »

My computer wont start!!! Please help!!?

Many questions here. Does the drive light come on? If not disconnect the hard drive. Do you get the BIOS boot screen? What kind of system do you have? Is the monitor in good order. If the monitor l... Read More »