Programing basic HTML and JavaScript can you help?

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Visual Basic programing : For-Next loop question, please help?

The following code works for VB 2010, if you want the squares of all odd numbers in string of numbers.Just don;t exceed the maximum integer number.Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(se... Read More »

Visual Basic programing : While...wend loop question, pl'z help. . .?

You could use while but recursion is better.fac=1while n > 0 fac=fac*n n=n-1wendprint facbetter:…

HTML and Javascript?

HTML (Hypertext markup language) developed mainly when the Web was text based still, it allowed a word to become a marker to hop to another location. Bells and whistles added to it allow such thing... Read More »

HTML vs. JavaScript?

HTML and JavaScript are both languages used to make Web pages. The latest version of HTML--called "HTML 5"--was developed. The standards group, W3C, considered the needs of four basic languages in... Read More »