Programing basic HTML and JavaScript can you help?

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Visual Basic programing : For-Next loop question, please help?

The following code works for VB 2010, if you want the squares of all odd numbers in string of numbers.Just don;t exceed the maximum integer number.Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(se... Read More »

Visual Basic programing : While...wend loop question, pl'z help. . .?

You could use while but recursion is better.fac=1while n > 0 fac=fac*n n=n-1wendprint facbetter:…

I need help creating a JavaScript Basic Slide Show with no JQuery at all. Can anyone please help me out?

You can use setInterval to plan the next animation tick.This is roughly what jQuery does to animate (core):function tick(){var now = new Date.getTime();if (now>endTime) now=endTimeproperties.foreac... Read More »

HTML and Javascript?

HTML (Hypertext markup language) developed mainly when the Web was text based still, it allowed a word to become a marker to hop to another location. Bells and whistles added to it allow such thing... Read More »