Program to convert 1s compliment into 2s?

Answer What language?If its in C/C++, try the code below:#include int main(){ int number; int two; number = 100; two = ~number; //One's compliment two = two + 1; //Two's compliment printf("Original nu... Read More »

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Computer program that can convert mkv files into avi or mp4 etc.?

Aiming to achieve this, you need a MKV to AVI converter to help you; it not only can convert MKV to AVI, but also need have the function of adding subtitle to MKV files.I have tried many converters... Read More »

Is there a free program to convert SP video files into HQ?

We don't know what was used to capture the video. Your post reads like HQ is best available quality in your video capture device - and SP is something less than that. Higher quality video means mor... Read More »

Does anybody know what program/website I can use to download and convert youtube videos into mp3?

☜═㋡ not a clue.ƸӜƷ..\|/ :)

Is there a legitimate (no viruses, etc) and free program that will convert a PDF into a word document?