Program that lets you take a pic of a website?

Answer You can use the "print screen" key on your keyboard to "capture" what ever is showing on your monitor.Doing that copies that image to your computers clip board.Then you just go to Windows Paint, or... Read More »

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What is the website that lets you see how any website looked like a certain amount of time ago?

There is a option on alexa called the waybackmachine that will let you see how websites looked in the past

WHich website lets you see your house on the internet?

What website lets me control my network scanner?

The website I think you are referring to is the scanners actual IP address on the network. A typical network address would be something like 192.168.1.xx / 192.168.0.xx / 10.0.0.xx. You would need ... Read More »

What is the website that lets you create your Na'vi from the movie Avatar?

You can make a poster of AVATAR FILM with your face in Funnywowhttp://www.funnywow.comtry it.