Program that can copy pixels?

Answer Actually, MS-Paint is capable of doing that for you, as long as the "area" is an image that can be displayed within MS-Paint. Just use the SELECT tool to draw a "box" around what you want to copy ... Read More »

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How to Copy a Program From a Hard Drive to a CD?

A computer program can be copied to a CD for archiving or safekeeping. You can copy a computer program from the computer's hard drive to a CD using the built-in programs that come with the computer... Read More »

How to Make a Copy of a Program File to a CD?

If you downloaded a program from the Internet or copied it to your computer from a CD, you might want to make another copy of it so that you have it as a backup. Fortunately, the Windows operating ... Read More »

What program will let me copy one hard drive to another?

As the others have said, you need a cloning software. But you don't have to buy anything. There are a number of free ones around, some from the hard disk manufacturers themselves.List of Free Hard ... Read More »

Is there much difference between 160x240 pixels and 240x400 pixels?

The only differences are the number of pixels involved, and the shape of the rectangle they form.160x240 pixels is a rectangle of 38,400 total pixels.240x400 pixels is a rectangle of 96,400 total p... Read More »