Program that can copy pixels?

Answer Actually, MS-Paint is capable of doing that for you, as long as the "area" is an image that can be displayed within MS-Paint. Just use the SELECT tool to draw a "box" around what you want to copy ... Read More »

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You remember a childrens special that Fred gwynne did in either the late 1960's or early 70's that was on around Halloween called how what or witch can you get a copy of this program on vhs or DVD?

Fred Gwynne played Herman Munster- based on the Frankenstein Monster, in The Munsters, perhaps this was a special show. Munsters were one of a number of (occult) comedies on the silly side, like Ad... Read More »

Do the copy machines in stores (like Wal-Mart or Walgreens) store all of your photos that you copy?

The kiosks save photo orders for 48hrs and then they're deleted. The printing machine deletes them after 48hrs as well. They do this just in case there's an issue and they need to resend or reprint... Read More »

Is there much difference between 160x240 pixels and 240x400 pixels?

The only differences are the number of pixels involved, and the shape of the rectangle they form.160x240 pixels is a rectangle of 38,400 total pixels.240x400 pixels is a rectangle of 96,400 total p... Read More »

How to Make a Copy of a Program File to a CD?

If you downloaded a program from the Internet or copied it to your computer from a CD, you might want to make another copy of it so that you have it as a backup. Fortunately, the Windows operating ... Read More »