Prognosis for stage 3 cervical cancer?

Answer Prognosis:The percentages of women who are alive 5 years after diagnosis and treatment are: Stage I: 80 to 90% of women Stage II: 60 to 75% Stage III: 30 to 40% Stage IV: 15% or... Read More »

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Cervical cancer, stage three....?

sorry, I'm not going with the others. I've heard of people keeping the cancer at bay with the proper nutrition Cancer Centers Of America has had some amazing results with peoplehttp://www.cancercen... Read More »

Is cervical cancer at stage II have a chance to be cured?

Sounds like you are asking if you will have a normal life span related to this cancer. It also, sounds like you have had the test to determine the stage. With aggressive treatment, I believe the an... Read More »

One year ago this month I was diagnoised with stage four Cervical Cancer and am still in battle for my life do?

yes, i think i do. and thank God you are still here, stronger than ever. i guess it's a sort of love/hate anniversary. *hugs*

What is the prognosis for stage 3 carcinoma of breast?

The second most advanced stage of the disease, stage 3 breast cancer, occurs when cancer cells have grown beyond the breast tissue into the lymph nodes or chest. Because the cancer is more advanced... Read More »