Profile Pictures won't publish?

Answer go into settings on the top of your screen ( by like were your name is and the search box) there's settings there, if your face book does not have that, then go into photos and hit the settings the... Read More »

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Why wont twitter let have a profile picture?

The photo is too large. Resize the photo and then it will work.To resize your picture, go to and choose your photo. Then on the box that says Resize, choose a size. Then c... Read More »

How do I make it so anyone can like my profile pictures?

go to privacy settings if you have facebook click on the pencil button on the post or pic and click on that and select public

How to Reinstate the Profile Pictures Row in Facebook?

Why have one Facebook profile picture when you can have six? Such is the rationale behind Facebook Photostream, which displays a row of up to five selected pictures at the top of your main Facebook... Read More »

How to have many likes in facebook profile pictures?

Well you can tag yourself in your profile picture like an hour after you upload so it appears on the home page.You could also like a lot of other peoples pictures so they might like one of your pic... Read More »