Professions Associated With the Human Body?

Answer Professions working with humans are some that will never experience a recession. Doctors, surgeons and funeral home directors will always be needed. Those who follow a career path in nutrition or f... Read More »

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How to Draw a Human Body & Face With Photoshop CS2?

Drawing the human body and face realistically is a challenge that deters many aspiring artists, but by utilizing Photoshop and commonly available reference material, it is possible to produce outst... Read More »

How do chemicals interact with the human body to cause cancer?

No plastic containers in micro.2. No water bottles in freezer.3. No plastic wrap in microwave..Johns Hopkins has recently sent this out in its newsletters. This information is being circulated at W... Read More »

How to Study the Way Cells Communicate with Each Other in the Human Body?

The communication between cells in the human body is an essential biological process for maintaining homeostasis or keeping constant environment in the body. This process is mediated through the se... Read More »

What is a reasonable g-force that the human body could be comfortable with?

OK, so you are sitting in your seat. I would say you would want to limit the acceleration to less than one g to help pacify the elderly, the timid, and any children that may scare easily.One g of a... Read More »