Professional shots attainable with digital camera?

Answer There are a few issues with Non-SLR digital camera that you should know about:1. SENSOR (part 1): The sensor is very small and you will get terrible results if you shoot at the higher ISO speeds (e... Read More »

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Will a 35mm professional grade digital camera produce images comparable in quality to those produced with a 8x10 Wisner Technical Field View Camera loaded with Ilford FP-4 Plus developed in PMK?

Comparable, Yes, but they have no hope of matching the detail using one exposure. Exposure to print would be so much simpler with the digital. Since 8x10 enlargers are not terribly common, a conta... Read More »

What kind of PS digital camera can you get with a wider view than the standard shorter focal length so you can take shots in tighter spaces?

Answer Your going to have to do some research and look at the focal length on cameras. The smaller the number the wider the angle. You want a camera with a small focal length.

How do i set up a canon eos rebel xsi digital slr camera for action shots?

Turn on your Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi, also known as the EOS 450D. Put the mode selector dial to "Sports" mode (the one with a running man icon), a pre-programmed mode with a burst rate of 3.5 f... Read More »

I need a digital camera that takes good action shots?

i highly recommend you starting off with canon [ canon s3is ] with 12x zoom and 1/3200 max shutter speed. the zoom is tremendous compared to regular cameras which has only 4x. remember this 12x zoo... Read More »