Professional help with bleaching please! :/?

Answer the manager of the shop needs to use a better product and fix this, its tough to do and needs her expertise or get a refund and find a shop thats has experienced stylist, many just have newly gradu... Read More »

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Help with bleaching my roots!?

DO NOT USE A BOX COLOR .. you can never be too sure what color you will have come out. If you are trying to match your roots to your platinum hair color you will need to bleach your hair since you ... Read More »

How Do I Use Professional Hair-Bleaching Products at Home?

Using professional hair-bleaching products at home incorrectly can result in skin and clothing discoloration as well as uneven hair color. Going to a salon can cost a lot of money, but you can blea... Read More »

Please help me in selection of good semi-professional digital camera?

You have no semi pro cameras on your list.The models you listed are just cheap compact cameras. Don't be fooled by the appearance on the outside, all of these cameras use tiny, cheap image sensors ... Read More »

I don't feel well. What should I do Professional/experienced help please!!?

It may be food poisoning.If you can't hold down waterTake 2tbsp if ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) it will kill all of the bacteria and stop your vomiting and prevent your from getting worse.