Professional Fuel Injection Cleaning?

Answer The fuel you buy at gas stations is filtered, but some deposits get past the oil refineries' filters. That's where your vehicle's fuel filter comes in. However, over time, microscopic deposits buil... Read More »

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Fuel Injection Cleaning?

As the name suggests, fuel injectors provide fuel to a vehicle by injecting measured amounts of fuel and air into each cylinder. Over time, fuel injectors become clogged with debris and sludge-like... Read More »

DIY Fuel Injection Cleaning?

Gasoline vapors settle on the inside of the fuel injector lines after a vehicle's engine has been shut down, causing a build-up in waxy varnish. The naturally occurring carbon elements in gasoline ... Read More »

Fuel Injection Cleaning Tools?

Fuel injection cleaning prevents and reverses clogged fuel lines. Symptoms of clogged fuel lines include hesitated acceleration, rough idling, power loss and lean misfire. A misfire can also cause ... Read More »

Fuel Injection System Cleaning?

Cleaning the fuel injector for any type of vehicle is important. Using a dirty fuel injector has some consequences to it such as getting less energy from the gasoline, emitting even more pollution ... Read More »