Professional Flight Schools in the U.S.?

Answer Air travel is one of the most popular forms of transportation and the need for pilots is steadily climbing. Students who are interested in learning to become a pilot should consider attending a pro... Read More »

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Professional Flight Schools?

Professional flight schools typically train students who wish to become licensed either as a private pilot or as a commercial or professional pilot. Before a student can enroll, he must meet age an... Read More »

Professional Helicopter Flight Training Schools?

Professional helicopter pilots must earn a commercial rotorcraft license at minimum. Many students also pursue a certified flight instructor and instrument certification. A student will move from p... Read More »

What is a professional flight engineer?

At one time, large aircraft had more in common with steam locomotives than the flying supercomputers they are today. Flight engineers made sure that the pilot and copilot could do their jobs.Histor... Read More »

Flight Schools in the U.S.?

For students in the U.S. who want to learn how to fly, there are many options. Whether you are seeking a career in commercial aviation or a private pilot's license, several flight schools are avail... Read More »