Professional Ethics and Legal Responsibilities in Nursing?

Answer Nurses are bound by both ethical and legal guidelines that are part of the Nurse Practice Act, a set of laws designed to protect the public from harm and to protect the integrity of the nursing pro... Read More »

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Professional Roles & Responsibilities in Nursing?

Nurses focus on the overall care of patients and perform a number of duties in medical and health care settings. An individual must complete at least an associate degree in nursing and pass the Nat... Read More »

Legal Professional Issues in Nursing?

Nurses provide a critical service to society by helping to deliver quality medical care to their patients. Without nurses, many life-saving medical procedures would not be possible. Because nursing... Read More »

Professional Code of Ethics?

Every career carries a set of ethics with it: ways to behave around colleagues, customers and even competitors that treat everyone fairly and respectfully. It can be easy to lose sight of ethical t... Read More »

Ethics & Law in Nursing?

Nurses may come across several dilemmas, legal or ethical in nature, during their career. However, most nurses are not trained to deal with such issues and therefore end up helpless in case a quest... Read More »