Products for Physically Handicapped Persons?

Answer Various businesses and nonprofit organizations have designed products to aid people with disabilities so that they can lead as normal lives as possible. For example, for the blind, reading would be... Read More »

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What is the definition for physically handicapped?

Words in the English language are constantly changing. A term that is acceptable now may be considered degrading or politically incorrect in the near future. For example, the term "physically handi... Read More »

How many people are physically handicapped in the United States?

According the the U.S. Census Bureau 2006 American Community Survey there were 25,780,576 physically handicapped individuals over age 5. Physically handicapped is defined, in this survey, as an ind... Read More »

If no trucks are allowed in a driveway according to the Home Owners Association can a handicapped persons truck be parked in the driveway?

If you are an owner requiring handicap access to parking, then you and the board can negotiate a workable solution to your parking requirements. Part of the negotiation should include the definitio... Read More »

Is it alright to use the symbol for the handicapped to make fun of people you consider mentally handicapped