Products That Fix Broken Windshields?

Answer One of the experiences that comes with driving is a chipped windshield. Whether it comes from a bad windstorm or a passing truck that is kicking up rocks, windshield chips happen. If left untreated... Read More »

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Do all insurance companies cover broken windshields?

All insurance companies cover broken windshields under the comprehensive section of an auto policy. Windshield damage is paid out only after the comprehensive deductible has been met by the insured... Read More »

Which Products Remove Scratches From Car Windshields?

Scratches and dings in an automobile's windshield can go from a small problem to a widening crack very quickly. Abrasive elemental damage, other motorists and even animals pose a threat to glass in... Read More »

How would ik that my toe is broken ans what can i do if it is broken?

If you feel pain in your toe, then it might be injured. If you think you have a fractured toe, you need to wear a plaster and go to the Orthopedic doctor.

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