Products Made From Bamboo?

Answer Bamboo is a form of grass that produces woody stalks with very high tensile strength that has very high fiber content. In addition to being strong enough to use as a construction material, having e... Read More »

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What products can bamboo make?

You can make a lot of things from bamboo. Furniture such as chairs, table-frames, bookcases, stools etc.; fencing; large, thick bamboo poles can make sheds, be used for roofing, or even for buildin... Read More »

Car Products Made From Waste or Recycled Products?

Today's vehicles are around 95 percent recyclable, which means that the car you are driving today will eventually be a part of many other products in the future. Unfortunately, the percentage of re... Read More »

How is bamboo flooring made?

Would you buy a house made from bamboo?

I plan to build my house out of straw. Literally. Hay bales make great houses, covered in a thin skin of cement they are insulated, fire proofed with wall linings and when pulled down after 100 yea... Read More »